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Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree is a four-year program, majoring in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.  This program equips the student for full-time ministry or further study in a graduate program. Students are prepared for church, parachurch, or missions-related professions.  BA students have the option of choosing an emphasis in Educational Ministries, Missions, or Pastoral Studies.

Total Program Requirements     120 credit hours
Course Outlines (see Course Catalog for complete descriptions)
Bible Core           32 credit hours
BBL1301    Principles of Inductive Bible Study    3
BBL1302    Principles of Biblical Interpretation    3
BBL1311    Old Testament Survey    3
BBL1312    New Testament Survey    3
BBL2301    Pentateuch    3
BBL2302    Life of Christ    3
BBL3301    Doctrines I    3
BBL3302    Doctrines II    3
BBL4303    Doctrines III    3
BBL4302    Romans    3
BBL4204    Integrated Theology Seminar    2
Ministry Core Courses     14 credit hours
CMC1302    Evangelism and Discipleship    3
CMC2302    Christian Teaching Ministry    3
CMC2301    Missiology    3
CMC2202    Worship & Music    2
CMC4301    Internship    3
General Education Core Courses     36 credit hours
GCM1301    Speech    3
GEN1301    English Composition I    3
GEN1202    English Composition II    2
GEN____   Literature    3
GHI2302     Survey of Western Civilization    3
GHI3301     Alaska Studies    3
GMA____    Math    3
GPE____    Physical Education Elective     1
GPH2301    Philosophy    3
GPH2302    Contemporary World Views    3
GSC____    Lab Science    3
GSS1302    Developing Interpersonal Relationships    3
GSS2301    Marriage and Family    3

Bible Electives       8 credit hours
Ministry Electives     6 credit hours
Electives     12 credit hours
Christian Ministry Training       8 semesters