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Bible and Ministry Certificate

The Bible and Ministry Certificate is a two-year program designed for the student who desires a strong biblical and ministry foundation in preparation for effective ministry within the local church and community. A core of Bible and ministry courses enables the student to gain a solid foundation in preparation for Christian ministry.
Total Program Requirements    60 credit hours

Bible Course Requirements:     21 credits
BBL1301    Principles of Inductive Bible Study    3
BBL1302    Principles of Biblical Interpretation    3
BBL1311    Old Testament Survey    3
BBL1312    New Testament Survey    3
BBL1303    Doctrinal Survey   3
BBL2301    Pentateuch    3
BBL2302    Life of Christ    3

Ministry Course Requirements:    11 credits
CMC1302    Evangelism & Discipleship    3
CMC2302    Christian Teaching Ministry    3
CMC2301    Missiology    3
CMC2202    Worship & Music    2

General Education Course Requirements:  11 credits

GEN1301    English Composition I    3
GEN1202    English Composition II    2
GSS1302    Developing Interpersonal Relationships    3
GSS2301    Marriage and Family    3

Bible or Ministry Electives     17

Christian Ministry Training                       4 semesters