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Financial Aid

An education is a valuable opportunity to prepare for a future of fruitful ministry and deepening relationship with our God. ABC's Financial Aid Office helps eligible students who have financial needs. Students rely on savings, grants, work scholarships, and sometimes loans to finance their education.

Financial Aid Policies

Satisfactory Grade Point Average

  1. An aid recipient who is placed on probation is eligible for aid during the probation period providing the student maintains a 2.00 semester GPA (or 2.50 GPA for Church Matching Grant). If the student fails to maintain a 2.00 semester GPA during the probation period, the student will be disqualified from receiving further financial aid.
  2. Once disqualified for financial aid purposes, the student must maintain a cumulative 2.00 GPA before financial aid eligibility is reinstated.   
  3. During any semester on probation, the student will be counseled regarding satisfactory progress needed for financial aid.   
  4. Students enrolled under Veterans Administration Benefits must meet the 2.00 GPA academic standard of the College. One semester of probation is allowed to regain the accepted standard before notification is given to the Veterans Administration.
  5. Students enrolled under Bureau of Indian Affairs Benefits must maintain a 2.00 GPA. Failure to do so stops benefits and the student must pay for one semester on his own and regain the 2.00 GPA before reapplying.
Academic Standing
  1. Any student approved for admission into a Degree or Certificate Program is academically qualified to apply for financial aid. A student's academic progress in a Program must be satisfactory to maintain eligibility for state or Alaska Bible College financial aid.
  2. Any student who does not maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA will be placed on academic probation for a period of no longer than two (2) semesters. If, during that time, the student fails to maintain a 2.00 semester GPA, the student will be disqualified from receiving further financial aid. To reinstate financial aid eligibility, the student must achieve a 2.00 cumulative GPA each semester for two (2) consecutive semesters. 
  3. A transfer student, as any other student enrolling for the first time, will initially be assumed to be maintaining satisfactory progress for the first disbursement of Alaska Bible College Need-Based financial aid funds.
  4. Following this, the number of hours accepted from the student's previous institution will be used to place the student within the satisfactory progress time frame as a quantitative measurement of progress. Normal qualitative standards of progress will be followed.

Please contact our financial aid office if you have any questions.