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Questions about Online Courses?

What is required to access ABC’s online courses?
To participate in ABC’s online courses, you will need the following:

  • A computer running Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Google Chrome 11+, or Internet Explorer 9+.
  • A broadband Internet connection, fast enough for video conferences and watching videos on YouTube.
  • "Hybrid" online classes also require a webcam and microphone.

How long do classes run?

ABC’s online classes are sixteen-week classes, running for the duration of a traditional college semester.  See ABC’s Course Catalog, or our Events Calendar, for the beginning and end dates of specific semesters.

Can I earn a complete degree online?
Not at this time.  Individual classes are available online, but not an entire degree program.  Online classes count towards a full degree that can be completed on ABC's campus.

How much time do online classes take?
Online classes take about the same amount of time as classroom-based classes.  A typical three-credit online course will require about 9-12 hours of work each week, depending on your study habits.

Will I need to log in to class at a certain time each week?
Not for "Traditional" online classes.  Your class will be divided into individual lessons, one for each week of class.  You have an entire week to complete each lesson, and you can do so at whatever time during the week is convenient for you.

"Hybrid" online classes do require you to log in to class at the same time each week, since they involve live participation and discussion via webcam.

Will I see a live video feed of my professor lecturing?
Not for "Traditional" online classes.  Thes are “asynchronous,” meaning they do not happen “live.”  This gives you the flexibility to complete your coursework according to your own schedule.

"Hybrid" online classes do provide a live video feed from our physical classroom in Palmer.

Will I interact with my professor and classmates?
Yes.  An integral component in the class is participation in discussion forums for each lesson.  You, your professor, and your fellow students will all participate in this discussion.

How will the material be presented?
The online venue allows us to cater to many different learning styles in the presentation of material.  Each class is different, but learning activities may consist of short, pre-recorded lectures from your professor, reading from a textbook (to be purchased separately), and interaction in the online discussion forums.  To view a sample lecture, click here.