Modular Classes

A “modular” class condenses an entire college semester into a single, intensive week of on-campus study.  Classes meet each day of the week for the full day (morning and afternoon).  Prior to arriving on campus, students read the class textbook and submit a written summary and interaction.  After the week on campus, students return home and complete a final project.  Students receive a grade for the class upon completion of the final project.

March 2020:
Ethnodoxology: Arts & Culture in the Church

In this course, students will learn to help a community recognize, value, and plan to use its own arts to meet local needs and goals consistent with the Kingdom of God. The course provides a compact overview of the Create Local Arts Together (CLAT) model of community engagement. The CLAT process consists of seven flexible steps grounded in ethnographic and appreciative inquiry approaches: meet a community and its arts; specify goals; select communication genre and content; analyze the genre; spark creativity; improve new works and creative systems; integrate and celebrate for continuity. Students will engage with the model through three pedagogical cycles, culminating in applying it to a real-life context.

Class Dates

March 9-13, 8:30am-5:00pm

Pre-class Reading Due: February 5

Final Project Due: May 15

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Course Costs

Tuition (College Credit): $1225

Tuition (Audit): $300

Registration Fee: $35 (For new students only)

College credit counts towards a degree at Alaska Bible College, and can be transferred to other schools. Audit does not count towards a degree and cannot not be transferred, though students participate fully in all class activities. Audit students are not required to turn in the assignments, and do not receive a grade. Enrollment precedence is given to students taking the class for college credit.