Modular Classes

A “modular” class condenses an entire college semester into a single, intensive week of on-campus study.  Classes meet each day of the week for the full day (morning and afternoon).  Prior to arriving on campus, students read the class textbook and submit a written summary and interaction.  After the week on campus, students return home and complete a final project.  Students receive a grade for the class upon completion of the final project.

March 2018:
Ethnodoxology: Arts & Culture in the Church

This class explores the use of artistic talents and passions to share the love of God.  Students learn to help communities draw on their artistic resources to respond to spiritual, social, and physical needs.

  • Enjoy inspiration, encouragement, and networking for future ministry.
  • Broaden your palette of tools for cross-cultural arts engagement.
  • Become a catalyst and co-creator for local, indigenous creativity.

Class Dates

March 11-16, 8:30am-5:00pm
(March 11 is an evening-only session, from 7-8:30pm)

Pre-class Reading Due: March 9

Final Project Due: May 11

Ready to join us?

Course Costs

Tuition (College Credit): $1175

Tuition (Audit): $225

Registration Fee: $35 (For new students only)

College credit counts towards a degree at Alaska Bible College, and can be transferred to other schools. Audit does not count towards a degree and cannot not be transferred, though students participate fully in all class activities. Audit students are not required to turn in the assignments, and do not receive a grade. Enrollment precedence is given to students taking the class for college credit.

Room & Board

Housing and meals are optional, and students are free to make their own arrangements if desired. Grocery stores and affordable dining are available within walking distance.  Housing is in the form of a shared room in ABC’s dorm, 4 blocks from the classroom building.  Lunches are available for through ABC as part of the housing package, or for separate purchase.  A full kitchen is provided in the dorm for breakfast and dinner preparations.

Housing and Lunches (March 11-16): $150

Lunches Only (March 12-16): $30