Fixing Regrets

This week I had a great conversation with a friend about regrets. There have been seasons of my life where everything was shrouded in the darkness of wishing I had made different decisions, said different words, worked harder, etc. so that I would be in a better...

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Chosen Differences

Until watching The Chosen (which, if you're not watching, you're seriously missing out) I never thought much about the interpersonal dynamics between Jesus' disciples, particularly those between Matthew and the fishermen brothers Peter and Andrew. Think about it:...

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Seeing the Little Things – Sarah Rowland

I write this today hoping that you will see the joy of Jesus. My writing is not profound, nor is it something that comes easily for me. However, Jesus is profound and He is FOR us. Not long ago, there was a day where I just could not “do it” anymore. Have you ever...

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A Community Adventure

Our fellowship with God is not measured by how much we know, but by how much we love!  So at Alaska Bible College, our investment in students goes well beyond academics.  In the context of a caring community, our students can expect to find a rich blend of social outlets & service opportunities designed to foster healthy, life-long relationships.


% of Students who said, "I'm happy that I decided to come to ABC."

Pray Right – Dr. Ben Olson

In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Paul gives a humiliating testimony about a prayer of his that was not answered. Not that God did not hear him, but that He did not answer him positively. This becomes more poignant considering the purpose of the book of 2 Corinthians is to...

Looking More Like Jesus – VPSD Dan Jarrell

In 1976, the antacid company Rolaids released an advertising campaign so successful that it lasted more than 5 years. Beginning with the question, “How do you spell relief?” we heard first from individuals. A trucker would say “For heartburn and gas, I spell...

The Power of Story – by Noël Maxwell

In 1962, a few days before his high school graduation, a young man took out his souped up Autobianchi Bienchina for a spin. Being a race car driver was his sole ambition in life. While making an illegal left hand turn, however, another car broadsided him, flipping him...

The Bibe College Life

Whether in the classroom or in the wilderness, ABC is not just an education, but a place to belong.

During the academic year, various social activities are scheduled. These may include banquets, outdoor recreation, informal game nights, service projects, dorm outings, community programs, and bi-annual state-wide conferences.

Our family atmosphere is sure to make you feel welcome in the far north!

 The Alaska Life

We firmly believe your experience outside the classroom contributes to your overall enrichment.  Students are encouraged to explore the surounding area and embrace all Alaska has to offer!

Strategically located in the heart of Palmer, our campus and dorms enable you to readily access incredible year-round opportunities. Within walking distance are community bike paths, local hikes, coffee shops, fast food, and grocery stores.

Alaska is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, and the Palmer area hosts world-class recreational adventures. Fall activities may include fishing, hunting, hiking, and canoeing. In the winter months, try snowboarding, skiing, skating or snowshoeing. Community events include the Iditarod, the Alaska State Fair, concerts, craft fairs, high school sports, and much more.