Student Services

Student Development


The ABC Campus is located in the heart of downtown Palmer, AK. This building is the hub of college activity, and contains administrative offices, classrooms, the library, the chapel, a computer lab and study area, and a student lounge. The computer lab features a number of computer stations for student use, as well as a printer, copier, and scanner. Internet access is provided via wifi throughout the building. The student lounge is equipped with a big-screen TV, movie and video game systems, board games, and plenty of seating.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available for students seeking guidance about personal, spiritual, and educational concerns. Student Development staff and faculty members provide counsel and educational guidance as needed. Professional counseling services are provided by several area churches and counseling centers, and student development staff will help students make arrangements as necessary.


Employment in the Palmer area is readily available to students who need to work. Some work-study jobs are available on campus as well. While employment is essential for many students to meet the financial obligations of college attendance, it is equally important that employment does not interfere with academic performance. Students whose grades fall below acceptable standards will be encouraged to cut back on employment hours.


All major medical services are readily available in Palmer through Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, located ten minutes from campus. In addition to the hospital, the region is home to a wide variety of general practitioners, specialists, midwives, and dentists. Students are encouraged to carry medical insurance. ABC will assist students with transportation to local health service facilities upon request.


Vehicles are permitted on campus providing the student carries liability and property damage insurance. Students are encouraged to bring their personal vehicles to campus for greater flexibility in personal transportation. All vehicles kept on campus must be registered with the Student Development office.