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Payment Options

Alaska Bible College will take into consideration any financial assistance that the student may receive such as gifts, private scholarships, Veterans Educational Benefits, Alaska Bible College Work Scholarship, state or personal loans, and eligibility for an Alaska Bible College Need-Based Grant.

A student may choose from one of three payment options at ABC. They include:

  • Option 1: Full year’s payment by August 15 (receives a 2% discount)
  • Option 2: Payment for each semester in full prior to the start of classes
  • Option 3: Payment for each semester in up to 4 equal monthly installments

Interest of 1% per month (12.68% Annual Percentage Rate) will apply to any unpaid balance on a student's account. Students who fail to meet their financial obligations to the College may be dismissed and cannot enroll for the following semester.

The College will not issue an official transcript or a diploma until all debts with the College have been paid in full.

Payment of accounts
A student may not attend class until their account is paid or a payment plan is in place.

How can I pay my bills?
Students can pay by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or debit card.

A pro-rated system has been developed to provide refunds to enrolled students who cannot finish the semester.

For students who withdraw from school, tuition and fees will be refunded to the student according to the following schedule:

If Student Withdraws:                                     Alaska Bible College Refunds:
  Before classes begin                                                     100%
  Before the second day of classes each semester      100%
  Within the first and second weeks                                   90%
  Within the third week                                                         80%
  Within three and three-quarters weeks                            55%
  Within seven and one-half week                                       30%
  After seven and one-half weeks                                          0%

College-retained room and board charges are determined on a prorated basis.
Any student who is called to active military duty anytime during a semester will be refunded as follows: Tuition will be refunded 100% and Room and Board will be pro-rated.

Alaska Bible College Need-Based Grant funds, gift funds, Veterans Benefits, and other types of state and private financial aid will be prorated and refunded to the source of the funds should a student withdraw or be dismissed.