Your Journey Starts Here!

Alaska Bible College extends a warm Christian welcome to prospective students who meet admission qualifications and seek to strengthen their Christian walk and prepare for ministry.

Alaska Bible College selects students based on academic ability, moral character, and a strong desire to study God’s Word. Alaska Bible College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, or ethnic background. All potential students must submit an Initial Application and pay a $35 Application Fee.


Step One: Initial Application

    1.  Fill out your contact information below.
    2.  Submit the Initial Application on the next page.
    3. Indicate whether you are wanting to complete a degree, take dual-enroll classes (either on campus or through MCCA), or take classes as a non-degree-seeking student.
    4.  Initial applicants will receive a response regarding their acceptance into the college and a link to complete either the Degree Program Application or Dual Enroll Form (Step Two).


  1.  Step Two: Degree Program Application or Dual Enroll Form
    To complete the Degree Program Application, you will need the following information and documentation.


    1. Essays (Christian Testimony, Personal Goals, Family Life, and Ministry Involvement)
    2. References (Pastoral, Academic/Employer, and Personal)
    3. Official High School Transcripts
    4. All previous college transcripts for transfer students


High school juniors and seniors, age 16 and above may fill out the Dual Enroll Form and begin taking classes for credit that will count toward high school completion and toward a future degree at ABC!


Start Your Initial Application Below! 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: At this time, Alaska Bible College is not authorized to grant student visas to international students. Please do not submit an Initial Application unless you are a US Citizen or US National.