About ABC

Mission Statement

The purpose of Alaska Bible College is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and extend His Church by biblically training believers to be servants who lead with Christlike character.


Becoming servants who lead with Christlike character.

A Message from the President

Someone once said, “Character is who you are when no one is looking!” At Alaska Bible College, we are committed to training servants who lead with Christlike character. We have been seeking to do this for more than 55 years! I am so excited that you are thinking about becoming a student at ABC. I can promise you, if you choose ABC, you will be choosing an adventure for a lifetime.

At Alaska Bible College, we believe that Christlike character counts. Our curriculum and student life encourage every student to grow in love for the Lord, His Word, and His church. Nestled in the center of beautiful Palmer, Alaska, surrounded by mountain landscapes second to none in the world, you will daily be encouraged to worship the God who loves you and longs for you to live intimately with Him.

We are the only accredited, four-year Bible college in Alaska! So, if you chose to join our adventure in Alaska, you will receive a high-quality, biblical, theological, and ministry-based education that will prepare you to serve the Lord with integrity for the rest of your life. You will also join a long list of servant leaders who after being trained with Christlike character at ABC are leading with integrity in full-time ministry on the mission field, in the local church, or in the vocation that God has provided.

Welcome to the adventure of Alaska Bible College. We hope and pray that ABC is the place for you.

Dave Ley, Ph.D.


Vision Statement

Following Acts 1:8, Alaska Bible College will equip and empower people to serve Christ and His Church in local communities, states, regions, and globally through innovative academic experiences.

Mission Statement

Alaska Bible College exists to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and extend His Church by Biblically training believers to be servants who lead with Christlike character.

Mission Strategy

In accordance with the mandate of Matthew 28:19-20 and 2 Timothy 2:2, the College seeks to train servants who lead with Christlike character by…

  • Nurturing students in Bible-based, academic programs that solidify their Christian worldview;

  • Challenging students to deepen their relationship with God;

  • Mentoring students to faithfully utilize their spiritual gifts in culturally-relevant ministries within the church community.


Becoming servants who lead with Christlike character.

Core Values

Following Jesus Christ as the example of servant leadership, Alaska Bible College seeks to value what He values. Therefore, Alaska Bible College is committed to the following five core values:

Grounded in Scripture Remaining true to the Word of God as the supreme and final authority for all things pertaining to faith and practice, ABC seeks to adhere faithfully to the Word of God and ABC’s doctrinal position.

Driven by Purpose Training believers to be servants who lead with Christlike character, ABC seeks to conform all activities to the Mission Statement and Mission Strategy.

Valuing People Upholding the dignity and worth of people as God values them and created them in His image, ABC makes nurturing healthy relationships and treating people with respect a priority.

Glorifying God Pursuing excellence in our work and ministry—because God in His essence is goodness, perfection, and excellence—ABC seeks to do all things with excellence, striving toward His perfection.

Transforming Lives Connecting what is taught both in and out of the classroom with real life, ABC seeks, as the proper goal of all teaching: the changed lives of students.

Institutional Academic Goals

In order to accomplish the mission of Alaska Bible College and in keeping with the mission strategy and core values set by the Board of Directors, ABC seeks to accomplish the following institutional academic goals to be observed in each graduate of Alaska Bible College.

Graduates of Alaska Bible College will…

Biblical Worldview Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge, experience, and culture with a biblical worldview as critical thinkers and lifelong learners, interpreting and applying the Scriptures as the final authority for faith and practice.

Christlike Character Know, love, and enjoy God by developing a continuous passion for a personal and intimate relationship with Christ, becoming like Him in character by exhibiting the virtues of faith, hope, and love in their lives.

Servant Leadership Serve as leaders and lead as servants in the local church—the visible expression of the Body of Christ on earth—exercising their spiritual gifts and serving Christ by being involved in fulfilling the Great Commission in their local community and around the world.