The Rusher Family

The Rusher Family

Our Dean of Students sat down with the Rusher family, who came all the way from South Carolina to study at ABC.  Read the full interview to get to know these servant leaders.

What brought you to Alaska Bible College?
We were immediately attracted to the personal connection we felt, from the beginning of the application process to the moment of our arrival. And we felt the student to teacher ratio was a real advantage. Of course, we were glad the school had four-year accreditation and accepted my VA Benefits.

What were some of the events that led you to think about attending a Bible College?
I felt a strong calling toward ministry. Coming directly from a military and police background, I was familiar with the value of good training. I realized that if I was going to be heading into ministry, I needed quality Bible training.

How has your experience been?
Though not without its challenges, we’ve had a great experience at ABC. It’s been an “iron sharpening iron” kind of environment. What I really like is that the questions being answered in the classroom are the questions I’m asking. The faculty and staff bring me to a place of wrestling with the text and God’s plan for my life. Also, I’ve found that being pushed and challenged in an academic environment has been a great asset in my current ministry context.


What makes your experience at ABC memorable outside the classroom?
As an older, non-traditional student, it’s encouraging to be around younger men and women, so passionate about their faith, training to reach the next generation. Beyond that, the environment here [in Alaska] is broader than the classroom context. Being able to get out and worship God in creation with other like-minded students has been a great experience that has contributed to my overall college experience.

What would you say to someone considering Bible College as an option?
Jesus never said you had to have a degree to follow Him. However, I’m not sure you could find a better environment with the potential for faster growth than in a Bible College setting. And coming from my vantage point in life, I’d encourage people to consider that it is never too late to begin your journey at Alaska Bible College. Bible College makes a deposit into your life that has eternal value. I’d say it is an investment worth making.