Two ABC faculty members have had the opportunity this semester to present their research at national academic conferences.  On September 15-17, professor John Ferch attended the Evangelical Missiological Society’s annual meeting at the Graduate Institute for Applied Linguistics in Dallas, TX.  The conference theme was “Engaging Theologians from the Majority World,” and in keeping with this theme John gave a presentation analyzing recent efforts of Yupik theology students to contextualize the art of Yupik dancing for use in their churches as an act of worship.  A copy of John’s paper can be downloaded here.

On October 13-14, professor Matthew Coté will attend the National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte, NC sponsored by Southern Evangelical Seminary.  At the conference, Matthew will present on the topic of “God’s Foreknowledge of Future Free Actions.”  In his presentation, Matthew analyzes recent attempts by theologians to explain God’s foreknowledge, concluding that these ultimately infringe upon the perfection of God.  In response, Matthew defends the historic notion of God’s perfection in knowledge and sovereignty.

Through these professors’ participation in these conferences, Alaska Bible College is represented on a national level among many other Christian institutions.  Their research not only brings broader attention to the needs, opportunities, and questions that we face as we minister in here Alaska, but also allows the broader church community to learn and grow from our own local experiences.