Alaska Bible College (ABC) is broadening its horizons, hoping to effectively extend our reach to the U.S. Armed Forces servicemen and women. In order to provide a Biblical education for active duty services members through our online, distances and on-campus classes, ABC completed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Defense. The MOU opens the doors for ministry for our servicemen and women who feel a call to serve in the Kingdom for the next chapter of their career. We hope to provide training, direction and and opportunity to serve in Christ’s eternal mission for these service members who are making the move from military to civilian life.

If you know of an active-duty service member who may be interested in using their tuition assistance toward a Bible-based, christian education – please let them know about Alaska Bible College! Service members will need to contact the Education Office on base to complete Tuition Assistance (T.A.) papwerwork. If you need assistance with any of the steps to join our ranks here at ABC, please contact us. We have former service members who can provide you the assistance you will need.