Every so often it’s nice to know what our professors are reading and would recommend. Here are Bob and Linda Bates Top Picks! We don’t have these in our library yet, but if you’d like to see them there let me know!

# 1 “The Victorious Christian Life” by Thomas W. Finley. Finley does a great job of explaining how Victory in our spiritual walk is achieved in areas where our trust works in sync with the Spirit’s role.

# 2 “The Letters to the Thessalonians” by Gene Green. Green gives a first century window into the life of this Roman Province, and how this gives detailed backstory to the problems in the Thessalonian church.

# 3 “Philippians; Pursuing Christ to Know Him – A Commentary by Thomas W. Finley. Finley’s book clarifies in fine detail Paul’s advice to the Church at Philippi, and hometown USA!
# 4 Three books on scripting, screenwriting and writing backstory for Biblical performances on stage and screen. (Bob and Linda will be meeting with Aaron House, the director of ‘Piercing Word,’ in Pennsylvania this Christmas. His company performs Biblical Word-for-Word depictions of Bible books and passages for  churches and movies. We will discuss ways of improving the backstory necessary for directing and acting Biblical dramatic productions.) We hope that Aaron will agree to bring his troupe to ABC for a performance when they visit Anchorage.
a) “The Idea; The Seven Elements of a viable Story for Screen, Stage, or Fiction.” by Erik Bork.
b) “Inciting Incident; How to Begin Screenplay and Captivate Audiences . . .” by H. R. D’Costa.
c) “Acting in Film; An Actor’s Take on Movie Making” by Michael Caine.
Bob and Linda Bates

Alaska Bible College