“The end of a matter is better than its beginning….” It may seem counterintuitive to speak of endings when we’re dealing with the beginning of the semester and the end is still far off. But I don’t think the wise Preacher was talking simply about the linear ending of a particular thing. I think the idea has more to do with the concept of completion. To complete something is better than to start it. A finished paper is better than a started one (right students? And professors working on their doctorates, for that matter!).

The beginning of this school year may have begun any number of ways for any number of us. Maybe it’s been an absolute blast, maybe it’s been turbulent. Maybe you’re thinking, “This semester is going to be awesome!” or maybe you’re thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” What I love about this line of wisdom is that there is no one it does not offer encouragement to: no matter where your soul is at with the beginning of this semester, the end, the completion, will be better.

Of course, we know that lines of wisdom are not promises, only principles. Principles can be disregarded, and complexity of life can muddle following them. I believe the next line fills in some perspective of this principle – “likewise, patience is better than pride.” While a semester may go by in a flash, the quest of a semester feels long and arduous. It takes patience and that old, beautiful word, steadfastness to submit to the process and come to the end of a semester finding it better than the beginning. So our encouragement is this. Begin the semester with the end in mind, trusting that your pursuit of Jesus, patience, and hard work will indeed prove the principle true.

– Cameron Peters, Director of Communications