Online Databases

ABC’s library subscribes to a massive database of full-text theological journals provided by Galaxie Software. This database is fully-searchable and is a helpful resource for students in writing papers, preparing sermons, and personal Bible study. This database is available to students and staff of ABC.

Database Instructions

Access to the database is limited to ABC students, staff, and alumni.

  1. Log into your Populi account and access the “Library” section.
  2. Click “Links.”
  3. Click “Galaxie Theological Journal Database.”
  4. Under “Journals Menu” select one of the following options:
         List Journals: See a list of all available journals, and select an individual issue.
         List Authors: See a list of all authors and their articles.
         Search Journals: Allows you to search for articles by keywords, such as a topic or a name.
  5. To narrow your search, try putting quotation marks around phrases in your search box.
  6. Search by Verse: Allows you to search for all articles that mention a particular Bible verse. Enter a Scripture reference (without quotation marks) into the search box, click “Search,” and then select an article.
  7. To print a copy of an article, click the Adobe Reader icon at the top of the article and follow the printing procedure for your computer and printer.