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Our Main Library houses approximately 30,000 volumes, comprising the largest theological collection in Alaska. This library contains an extensive Alaska Section, a Counseling Reference Section, an Elementary Education Section, and several study areas. A selection of visual aid materials is also available upon request for student ministries.

Alaska Bible College students and staff logged in to Populi can access the Galaxie Theological Journal Database as well as other databases and library information through the “Links” tab at the top of your screen.

The ABC Library is open to the public. Please note, however, that the library follows the school schedule. It is advisable to call before you come to verify our hours of operation. The library is closed from 11am-noon during the school year for chapel. For security, campus doors remained locked at all times, but there are doorbells at both entrances. During open hours, ABC staff will sign you in.


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Objectivity in Biblical Interpretation by Thomas Howe

Biblical interpretation is facing a crisis. Is Biblical interpretation the result of someone’s particular perspective or personal point of view? Is there no basis upon which we can discover and hold to a “correct” interpretation? More and more authors are surrendering to the influence of Postmodern relativism. This malady is not limited to non-evangelicals. The pervasiveness of a Postmodern perspectivism propagated through the notions of presuppositions, preunderstanding, world views, horizon, paradigms, historicism, and a host of other approaches that are often confusing to a committed Christian who simply wants to understand God’s Word. Objectivity in Biblical Interpretation analyzes and explains the current crisis of objectivity and presents a reasoned defense of objective interpretation that directly confronts the relativistic claims of Postmodern relativism.

New Birth or Rebirth: Jesus Talks with Krishna

Ultimate truth. The destiny of souls. The individual heart. Can Krishna and Jesus agree on anything?
This is what Subramaniam, a real-life Hindu of the twentieth century, wonders as he enters a fictitious conversation between two religious figures who have changed the lives of millions. As Jesus and Krishna respond to each other’s view of life and the afterlife, they speak words straight from the texts of Christianity and Hinduism and straight into the soul.
Subramaniam asks Jesus and Krishna hard questions about faith. Meanwhile, a fictional character, Richard, eavesdrops, asking himself the most important question of all:
Does it really matter what I believe?

Orthodox Alaska: A Theology of Mission

Describes the the history of the Orthodox Church in Alaska. Uses that history as the foundation for discussing Orthodox missiology for the church in America and the universal church as well.