Pastoral Studies Emphasis

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Description: The Pastoral Studies emphasis is structured for students who sense a call to step into pastoral ministry. The courses cover the Biblical foundations for shepherding God’s people, pastoral practices for significant occasions, and Biblical exposition and application for public speaking. Students who complete this emphasis will have the tools to begin serving the Church as an equipper of the saints for ministry.

Note: If you are interested in taking this emphasis, select the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry degree, and our Admissions team will ask if you have a preferred emphasis.


  • CM-PA3101 Biblical Expository Preaching I (3 Credits) † 
  • CM-PA3102 Biblical Expository Preaching II (3 Credits)† 
  • CM-PA4101 Pastoral Theology and Ministry (3 Credits) † 
  • CM-PA4201 Pastoral Practices (3 Credits) †