Philosophy of Religion Emphasis

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Description: The Philosophy of Religion emphasis exists for students desiring to understand and engage the world and culture around them from a classical Christian philosophical approach. Through interactive dialogue, students learn Socratic logic, how to analyze the foundations of worldview ideas, and navigate ethical systems and dilemmas, all contextualized by a classical theistic understanding of God and His revelation. Students are challenged to go deeper in their understanding of the “Love of Wisdom.” This emphasis strengthens the faith of the believer, and prepares one to better give an answer to those who ask for a reason for the hope within. 

Note: If you are interested in taking this emphasis, select the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry degree, and our Admissions team will ask if you have a preferred emphasis.


  • BI-TH2101 Apologetics (3 Credits)†
  • GE-PH3201 Ethics (3 Credits)†
  • GE-PH3301 Logic (3 Credits)†
  • GE-PH4101 Philosophical Theology (3 Credits)†