Theology Emphasis

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Description: The Theology emphasis is for students interested in Theology as it has been understood throughout the course of time. Through examination of the Old and New Testaments, historical Church positions, and modern theological systems, students will interact with different Christian perspectives on the person, character, and revelation of God. Students who complete this emphasis will have a foundation from which to further their theological studies outside the classroom and teach others about the nature of God.

Note: If you are interested in taking this emphasis, select the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry degree, and our Admissions team will ask if you have a preferred emphasis.


  • BI-OT3101 Old Testament Theology (3 Credits) † 
  • BI-TH2201 Historical Theology (3 Credits) † 
  • BI-TH2301 Contemporary Theology (3 credits) †
  • GE-PH4101 Philosophical Theology (3 Credits)†