Absolutely great college where people are seeking the Lord and His will. The professors and staff do a great job of making this feel like home while still challenging us in our faith and ministry. It was definitely worth the 5,000 mile trip.

– Cody P.

I learned how to study the Bible for myself and I learned how to think critically in the theological realm.  ABC got me out of my own spiritual tunnel vision and helped me to judge things biblically rather than just through tradition or personal experience.

I intended to come here for the one-year Bible Certificate. I thought Bible knowledge was the only thing that mattered. In that one year, I did gain a lot of knowledge, but I also formed the closest friendships of my life, and realized that Bible knowledge, while important, is not as important as living life with spiritual family members who you both help and get help from in following the way of Jesus. I ended up spending four years at ABC, and took both the Bible knowledge and the principle of seeking out real, Jesus-centered relationships into my church setting. I often hear people say that Bible College isn’t necessary—you can just study on your own and the Holy Spirit will still teach you. I don’t think those people are wrong, I just think they are missing out on the benefits that college brings: more post-college work/ministry opportunities and connections, and lifelong friendships that continuously give life and energize and encourage you. I think they’re missing out on a lot of the life that Jesus said he came to bring.

– Cameron P.

The most valuable experience I’ve had during my time attending ABC was three years ago when I had lost someone to suicide. Everyone encircled me in this time, encouraged, and kept me going. I was overwhelmed with affection. I wanted to give up and go home because I was mad at God, but the student body and faculty was there to shower me with the love of God and reminded me that God wasn’t the cause of the situation, they shared with me that God is all-powerful; He is still in control and still continues to show His grace. Today, I am thankful for that. Because if it were in a different situation, I probably would have given up.

ABC is where faith became real to me. I came to ABC as a believer in Christ and I left as a follower of Him.