Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Associate of Arts degree is designed for the student who desires a strong biblical foundation in preparation for further study at another college or effective ministry within the local church.


The Associate of Arts degree provides a core of Bible, ministry, and general education courses that equips the student with a biblical worldview to engage the workplace, the university, or the church as a “servant leader.”


The Associate of Arts degree will equip the student to:

  • Effectively study, apply, and teach the Word of God.
  • Effectively evangelize and disciple.
  • Think critically about the world from a biblical worldview.
  • Demonstrate servant leadership in the family, the workplace, the university, and the church.

Program Requirements (60 Credits)

Biblical Studies (18 Credits)

  • BI-BS1101 Introduction to Bible Study (3 Credits)†
  • BI-NT1101 New Testament Survey (3 Credits)†
  • BI-NT2101 Life of Christ (3 Credits)†
  • BI-OT1101 Old Testament Survey I (3 Credits)†
  • BI-OT1102 Old Testament Survey II (3 Credits)†
  • BI-TH1101 Introduction to Biblical Living (3 Credits)†

Christian Ministry (15 Credits)

  • CM-CD1101 Evangelism & Discipleship (3 Credits)†
  • CM-ED1101 Introduction to Bible Teaching (3 Credits)†
  • CM-IM1101 Missiology (3 Credits)†
  • CM-PA1101 Introduction to Servant Leadership (3 Credits)†
  • CM-WA1101 Theology & Practice of Worship (3 Credits)†
    • or CM-WA2101 Ethnodoxology: Culture and Arts in Worship (3 Credits)†
    • or CM-WA3101 Media in Ministry (3 Credits)†

General Education (27 Credits)

  • GE-CM1101 Speech (3 Credits)
  • GE-EN1101 English Composition I (3 Credits)
  • GE-EN1102 English Composition II (3 Credits)
  • GE-HI2101 Survey of Western Civilization (3 Credits)
  • GE-MA1101 College Mathematics (3 Credits)
  • GE-PH2101 Introduction to Philosophy (3 Credits)
  • GE-SC Lab Science Elective (3 Credits)
  • GE-SS1101 Developing Interpersonal Relationships (3 Credits)
  • GE-SS2101 Marriage & Family (3 Credits)

Christian Ministry Training: 4 Semesters

Indicates a “core” course in which a grade of C or better is required for graduation.