Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Program provides basic and advanced equipping for ministry or further study in a graduate program. Through biblical, ministry, and general education studies; and Christian ministry training, students are prepared for entrance into church, para-church, or mission-related professions. Because students need to be equipped both with knowledge of God’s Word and practical ministry experience to be effective leaders, each B.A. student completes a dual major in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries, with the possible option of choosing an emphasis in children’s ministry, intercultural ministry, student ministry, or pastoral studies.

General Emphasis


The BA with General Emphasis will equip the student for a variety of ministry possibilities. Ministry often requires diverse competencies; this major provides the student opportunity to customize their curriculum according to their anticipated ministry.


The General emphasis will equip the student to:

  • Apply a broad range of basic ministry skills in a vocational ministry role.
  • Study, apply, and teach the Word of God in a variety of ministry contexts.
  • Understand, appreciate, and critically engage the world around them in ministry from a biblical worldview.
  • Lead effectively in a local church or para-church setting.

Course Sequence

Program Requirements (120 Credits)

Biblical Studies (39 Credits)

  • BI-BS1101 Introduction to Bible Study (3 Credits)†
  • BI-BS2101 Hermeneutics (3 Credits)†
  • BI-NT1101 New Testament Survey (3 Credits)†
  • BI-NT2101 Life of Christ (3 Credits)†
  • BI-NT4101 Romans (3 Credits)†
  • BI-OT1101 Old Testament Survey I (3 Credits)†
  • BI-OT1102 Old Testament Survey II (3 Credits)†
  • BI-TH1101 Introduction to Biblical Living (3 Credits)†
  • BI-TH3101 Doctrines I: Bible, God, and Holy Spirit (3 Credits)†
  • BI-TH3102 Doctrines II: Man, Christ, and Salvation (3 Credits)†
  • BI-TH3103 Doctrines III: Angels, Church, and End Times (3 Credits)†
  • BI-TH4103 Integrated Theology Seminar (3 Credits)
  • BI- Bible or Theology Electives (3 Credits)

Christian Ministry (30 Credits)

  • CM-CD1101 Evangelism and Discipleship (3 Credits)†
  • CM-CD4101 Internship (3 Credits)†
  • CM-ED1101 Introduction to Bible Teaching (3 Credits)†
  • CM-IM1101 Missiology (3 Credits)†
  • CM-PA1101 Introduction to Servant Leadership (3 Credits)†
  • CM-WA1101 Theology & Practice of Worship (3 Credits)†
    • or CM-WA2101 Ethnodoxology: Arts and Culture in Worship (3 Credits)†
    • or CM-WA3101 Media in Ministry (3 Credits)†
  • CM Christian Ministry Electives (12 Credits)

General Education (36 Credits)

  • GE-CM1101 Speech (3 Credits)
  • GE-EN1101 English Composition I (3 Credits)
  • GE-EN1102 English Composition II (3 Credits)
  • GE-EN2101 Introduction to Literature (3 Credits)
  • GE-HI2101 Survey of Western Civilization (3 Credits)
  • GE-HI3101 Alaska Studies (3 Credits)
  • GE-MA1101 College Mathematics (3 Credits)
  • GE-PH2101 Introduction to Philosophy (3 Credits)
  • GE-PH3101 Survey of Worldviews (3 Credits)
  • GE-SC Lab Science Elective (3 Credits)
  • GE-SS1101 Developing Interpersonal Relationships (3 Credits)
  • GE-SS2101 Marriage & Family (3 Credits)

Electives (15 Credits)

Christian Ministry Training: 8 Semesters

Indicates a “core” course in which a grade of C or better is required for graduation.