Transferringe Credits

Alaska Bible College is happy to accept transfer students every year

Alaska Bible College generally accepts transfer credits from other accredited schools, and ABC’s credits may be transferred to other accredited schools.  However, accreditation in itself is not a guarantee that credits will transfer.

Transferring Credits to ABC

If you have previously studied at any other colleges, or taken Advanced Placement classes at your high school, you should have your transcripts sent to Alaska Bible College–even if the school was not accredited.  The Academic Dean and Registrar decide whether credits earned at other colleges can be transferred. Decisions are based on course content, program requirements, grade received and accreditation status.

Credits earned from other accredited schools with a minimum grade of “C” may be transferred to Alaska Bible College and applied toward graduation. Those credits must meet the requirements specified by the certificate or degree programs or are allowed for elective credit. Transfer of credit from non-accredited schools must first be validated by satisfactory performance during the student’s first semester of study. Credits taken on a semester system will be transferred on a one-to-one basis. For conversion from quarter hours to semester hours, the following formula will be used: 1 quarter hour = 2/3 of a semester hour (e.g., 3 quarter hours = 2 semester hours).

Transferring Credits From ABC

ABC’s accredited status aids the student in the transfer of credit.  The transfer of credit is always at the discretion of the receiving school, and ABC cannot guarantee that credits earned at ABC are transferable. Transfer of credits earned while attending ABC to another college or university often depends on the compatibility with curricular requirements at the receiving school.

Credit Transfer Agreements

Credit transfer agreements and articulation agreements facilitate the process of transferring credits between two specific schools.  Alaska Bible College has active agreements with the following schools, ensuring students that credits earned at these schools will easily transfer to ABC.

Alaska Christian College

Tanalian Leadership Center

Alaska Bible Institute

Ecola Bible School